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Originally Posted by Aussijussi View Post
Never seen one of them before. What size is the motor, and what year is the bike?
THey were only sold in the US in 82 and 83. The 83 had a larger fairing, air assist forks, improved carbs, dual f discs, and a few other tweaks. My last one (the red one pictured above) was an 82 but with lots of mods from an 83, clipons, gusseted frame and a final drive gear from a Euro bie with taller ratio.

It was a 70 deg counterbalanced V, DOHC, 8V, shaft drive, way ahead of it's time and if not for a shitty stator design (fried them like eggs) it would have sold better (that, and it was way overpriced, a common gaff of Yamaha with new model intros).

The motor was designed by the same dude as the Vmax/Venture V-four, and is basically half of a V-max.
It could really be made to scream, was comfortable and had good range. It was Yamaha's first street bike with a monoshock rearend.
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