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I quit riding my ZRX1100 when I turned 60 because it was getting more & more uncomfortable each day. I replaced it w/ a 2008 DL1000 V-Strom, which is extremely well suited to Kentucky's paved back roads as well as its interstates. Only fly in the ointment was that it's a pig on dirt & gravel roads. Or maybe I don't have enough punches on my man card.

Keeping the Strom I found a used Honda XR650L. It's a major hoot on Forest Service and dirt roads, but it's not happy at much over 60 mph.

If I had it to do over again I'd think hard about a 2 year old KLR. Lots of upgrades are available and the first one I'd do would be the 705cc displacement increase. That would probably get me back to one bike - not as "dirtish" as the Honda and not as highway-oriented as the Strom, but it would cover about 90% of the riding that I currently do.
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