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Let's wrap this up...

Thanks for the kind words guys. Dave, I don't know about the Zuma on that road unless you give yourself a lot more time. I was moving along pretty good. Summer trip for you.
Ok, I left off crossing the Middle Fork Antelope Creek, I knew I had to pick up the pace a little, I really didn't want to be riding in the dark. BRRRRR!!!! That and the lighting isn't that great on the older KLR. Because I picked up the pace there are fewer pics but I'll make due. It wasn't long before I hit Hogsback Rd. Pretty smooth for awhile but soon got rocky. Seemed a little smoother this trip probably because I was riding faster and letting the suspension take more abuse and there's been more traffic on it with the bear hunters.
Looking the direction where I was going.

and the direction from where I came.
There was a lot of big puddles on the road, not much drainage in all of the lava rock.

I had stopped at the above pic to take a break. I was at 92 miles non stop with the exception of quick stops for pics never dismounting the bike. I needed a break. I had 3 granola bars with me and man did I down those things quick. Didn't realize I was so hungry. It was enough to get me home.
Another rock with moss and lichen.

Rough part of the road. A couple of miles futher down the road I came across an older couple out for a drive,
WTF. They waved me down and asked "Doesn't this road go all of the way through to Hwy 36?" Uh.... YEAH, but not in that thing (refering to their fairly new Chevy Malibu) I told them at the very least they needed a 2wd pickup, SUV, something other than a car. He says "I thought so, I've been through here many years ago" me:"in a CAR?" Him: "No in a pick-up" me:"ok" anyways after talking for awhile and finding out he was also very low on gas and didn't have a cell phone I told him he'd probably be ok if he took it easy and went straight to Red Bluff to get gas once he got out. I figured he had at leat 3 gallons of gas and about 15 miles to Red Bluff. I also let him know there would be some hunters coming out behind him since it was Sunday evening and getting dark soon. His wife didn't look too happy, poor gal was standing outside of the vehicle with her walker. He politely informed me they had stopped so she could go potty. I excused myself and let them get about their business. No pics of this episode.

Stopped for a couple of pics looking over some of the Tehama State Wildlife Area.

That was the last pic. I soon came upon another rider. I stopped and waved him down to let him know about the older couple in hopes he would check on them since he was heading that way. He was out on a test ride on an old 1980 2 stroke Kawasaki 125 or 175cc Can't remember which, that he had just got running. Clean little bike, seemed he was into older bikes, has a old Honda 305 Dream and some kind of old 1960's triumph also. It was cool talking to him, I soon beat feet and headed home. Hit the slab and cruised up 99 to Chico then home to Magalia. 172 miles door to door.
That's it everybody. Thanks for coming along. Get out and
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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