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Sunday morning came early but it was now almost routine and for the first time I found my way to the track from the hotel without the GPS. I was wondering what John was going to do about the bikes. My race was at 9:30am and Chris' was at 9:00am...There would be no time to switch the plastic and transponders. We elected to have breakfast at the track (BIG mistake) and it was overpriced and in-edible. There was a Denny's a mile away, Pit Girl will never let me forget that one.

As I was getting dressed in the trailer Chris came in not very happy.....His race from Saturday was not scored! John had forgotten to switch our transponders after my GP. Shortly after that Pit Girl and Stef came up to tell me the bad news about my being scored a DNF. WTF I sicked Pit Girl on them so I'm sure their ears were ringing even if they didn't do anything (*they fixed it)

There was another theft overnight and this time it was right here at Glen Helen! Apparently someone/people broke down and stole a really cool Red Bull tent....They were pissed and relentlessly asked for it to be returned over the loudspeaker....Then they threatened to search every car and truck....Then it was forgotten..

So it turned out John would put me on his son Lucas' bike. I made sure my new transponder was zip-tied tight and headed over to staging. This would be the 3rd 250 I would ride in 3 days. Fortunately, it was the best. It had the gearing of the bike I rode Friday with the solid power (and front brake) of the bike I rode on Saturday.

This is a massive radio controlled helicopter/camera....It was amazing to watch and you can see it's pics on

I felt as good as I could. I didn't overeat or drink Saturday night so I was steady and relaxed on the line....Probably too relaxed. There was a poor kid next to me that was scared shitless. I hope passing me made him feel better.

The race started exactly the same as last race although I gave it bit more right wrist and got by the slowest guys in the first turn....But then I was by myself for almost 2 laps (with the exception of passing and being later passed by a downed rider or 2) This probably slowed me down as well as I had no one to chase or be pushed by. Of course, after those two solo laps I was passed by wave after wave of fast riders until I passed the checkered flag. The only memorable experience from that race was a nice size table that I completely cleared after getting enough speed by trying to keep up with a fast rider. I would finish 112 out of 116

It turned out the weather forecast was a cruel hoax. The temps were as hot or even hotter than the previous two days with even less breeze. Pit Girl wasn't doing well and was trying REALLY hard not to lose it. Thank god she had Stef to vent to or I think she'd have gone AWOL. As I was watching a race from the fence, I was chatted up by an older gentleman who was a Cobra mini-bike dealer. It turns out as I found out later, he was interested in buying John's business. This was John's last ADITD. Maybe that's why he doesn't care?

We decide to stay and help with the Moto-a-Gogo race which is (an expensive $85 per person) team race. In this GP, you and a partner trade laps for 70 minutes and a "pit" person changes the "garter" (you must wear on your wrist at all times while riding) to and from the rider-partners every lap. I elected out of this one (glad I did) and helped Stef "pit" for Chris and Andy. The challenge of this race is staying hydrated when your lap was done. An entire backpack full of water bottles were consumed by Chris and Andy.

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