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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
that video illustrates why i'm not really interested.
that starting method is a pain in the ass.

a cold cranking engine is wearing the most, so i want a battery that fires right away and circulates oil. i use DEKA AGM batteries and they last for 5yrs and cost my $60. i can appreciate the weight savings but on my DR it's a non-issue (it's heavy) and those few lbs saved makes zero effect on that Harley. same thing for ADV bikes. sure a lightweight 250 where every pound counts i'd pay the premium. back to cold starting, my DEKA AGM starts 1st crank every time cold or hot. After 5 yrs when it slows down some I'll pay another $60 and get 5 more years of solid starting.

when these batteries evolve to 1/2 their current price and do better in the cold, i'll look again. until then it's a solid working and proven AGM for me.
yup there are tolls to pay besides $$$ to successfully use LiFePO4 batteries in adventure bikes. which are the most demanding of all motorcycle applications.

one year in with Shorai LFX 36 in R80G/S ... has proven itself up to task of supporting an adventure bike. When lithium batteries are sized with enough amp hours. they have proven themselves very rugged and reliable. but it's not for everyone...

this is why for most folks AGM is still the way to go. unless of course you are part of that group where saving 10lb or so is worth it.
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