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Yeah, what he said. Less weight, more power, what's not to like?

Honestly, I rarely use my 690 off-road, and only put about 5k miles per year on it. The Aprilia 550 would be better for the things I actually use the 690 for, but worse for the things I wish I had time, physical fitness, close/easy access to, i.e. the bitchin long-distance adventure riding like the Mojave Trail. But it would do them.

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70 HP fire breathing, 280lb twin with Italian breeding, suspended by Sachs and stopped by BETTER Brembo parts. I still regret getting rid of it sometimes, but there aren't any tracks around where I live now, and the SXV was really born to be ridden on a track.
When they say Harleys are for 1%ers, I don't think they mean guys who sell crank and get in bar fights any more.
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