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Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
After riding the Rally Beemer in Ausie he just cant face gettin on the big old heavy GSPD anymore.

Man there is some truth to that!

I do love the old girl, though, and have finally gotten it back into road-running status... minus the bash plate, though....

The poor thing is really bent so that even when I yanked on it the vice for a while and sort of straightened out the REALLY bent parts, it still doesnt quite line up with the holes in the new oil pan. Much tweaking will be required, but theoretically I could commute on it right now, if I wasnt such a wuss. Its only 35F.

ANd I'm stupid busy at the thee ater.

I also still need to take off the pannier frames and bend them out properly.. still kinda caved in from the CAnada crash. ANd I have no pannier system thats not just strapping the bent Zegas on. Its very Ghetto, but might be fine

Motor still runs solid. Charging system is ok. Forks are awesome

So I'm thinking about the lower shock mount bolt on the FD. Dont know how to make that bigger.

Ok- here's the real issue facing the Airhead Rallye team. I would love to build a BM sort of like the Rooney special, and figure out how to race it in the MEx 1K and other events. Problem is I already have a project thats going to be fun, if I could ever get around to it. Its wrong for Rallye, in fact, I know its the wrong engine and frame for what I intended to do with it in the first place, but what the hell.

I'd rather not make the same mistake with the new bike.

What to do.. what to do.. .the New bike will budget out in the 15K region. Thats a years worth of racing, financially, sort of. Depending on teh racing schedule. And barely any love for any of the other bikes... it would eat everything for a long time.

MAn thats tough love... I have to finish the bike I have and ditch it or keep it or whatever but get it in running condition and THEN look at maybe a rooney frame, and an R65/850 with cool forks and a long swingarm.

R65 engine, R100cylinders machined down, and custom pistons: ANybody want to take a $$ Guess?

then add a $1K shock, and maybe $1K in swingarm work, and $2K for powerdynamo igniton and maybe some DRZ front end. Need to mate a hub to an 18" wheel. Thats probably expensive.

Lets not leave out frame. Long as I'm dreaming I might as well go all the way and get a Rooney frame.

Thats a retarded amount of money for an old vintage brand new bike I plan on banging into the ground.

woe is me but it sounds like a perfectly awesome idea.

Sandblast Rally has moved the date a month back to first of March. Might take me that long to bend the bashplate straight again ah.. thanks for listening to the ramble.
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