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Originally Posted by bigtodd View Post
Hey Ross, you were one of only 2 other 1200GS's I saw anywhere on the route both days. YES, YES, HELL YES the 21" wheel makes such a difference it's hard to believe it is the same bike. I am still running the stock 17" rear wheel but did go to Wilbers suspension sprung and valved for my larger size, that helps too.

Did you ride both days? How much of the route(s) were you able to do? I rode the GSA last year and the course was mainly fire roads and only a couple of sand washes. I don't know if I could have done both days this year with the set up I had last year.
Hey Todd, I only rode the second day and basically started the offroad section at Baker. My riding buddies were on an F800 and an older 1150GS. Thank god I didn't try the whole second day, I would probably still be out there somewhere. It felt like I was riding a snow plow. The first thing I did Monday morning was call Woody's to discuss a 21" front.

Are you running the Tubed or Tubless version?

Since you didn't op for the 18" rear did your new Wilbers raise the back end to compensate?

What width size 21" did you get...1.60" or 1.85"?

Hope to see you at Altrider Taste of Dakar.
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