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Originally Posted by robert110411 View Post
I've already ridden those areas on various different bikes, including the KX. In fact I had already considered ridding some of the closed course, start-control formats on the KX as well.

I would go for the smaller Husky or KTM two strokes but I'm also looking for something that requires little care and can be ridden on the street.

I'm looking hard at dumping both dirt bikes and getting TWO new D/S. That's why the price point is kind of an issue. If it was just one I'd go Husky.

Most of my ridding is about spending time with my kid to make up for all the time I missed because of this shitty job. Not so much about being fast. I was fast 25 years ago.

I hear ya about going fast. I ride a hair above granny speed. But I'd rather spend 1k more up front and get a KTM that needs the exact same maintenance as a Japanese bike but is 100x the bike, much lighter, more power on demand, 100x the suspension, etc etc.

Again, don't take my word for it. You ride the NorthEast. What do you see people riding? Because every ride I went on when I lived in the Northeast was 50-70% KTM.....for a reason.

Japanese bikes are good, but they need to be built to a price point, and the the things they skimp on are critical parts like brakes, suspension, wheels, components like bars/pegs, etc. Most people dump thousands into their Japanese bikes to upgrade performance.

Additionally, there isn't a bike made that you can just ride and put away. Any bike will need attention....air filter change, chain lube, basic checks, etc. A KTM or Husky will need more valve checks, yes, but the same amt of oil changes if ridden in the same terrain. I don't believe for a second that Japanese bikes are built better or more reliable than Euro bikes. In fact, my direct experience is the exact opposite. Your mileage may vary.

Pretty small price to pay.
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