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Ok I got done with my man tears and asked myself what kind of look I liked in bikes that I could apply here. And the answer I came up with was a Ducati steel trellis frame. While that is not what I built, I wanted something that would be simple, lithe and strong. I didnt tell the supervisor but I started to build shock mount pockets that I figured I would weld to the frame with triangulated tubes.

As always I made a pattern and beer helped me get started

The old shock mounts were good for something

Once I had the rough cut I shaped them the same way I did the old shock mounts and got ready to tack it together

I started my tacks at the top of the semi-circle and closed it up with the vice before I finished welding

With the shock pockets done I began to build the seat mount, I used M/S tubing, chamfered the edges in the lathe and istalled nutserts in the end to hang..... .....stuff

I welded a spreader support onto the frame and tacked together the seat mount in the vise

Then I tacked the frame to the spreader

I cut two small spacers and clamped the shock pockets to the seat frame and tacked it into place.

This looks a little better the Supervisor will be pleased

I used pieces of the old subframe to make the triangulated shock pocket braces that will bear the brunt of the working load against the frame. I also added a second set of triangulated braces to the spreader between the two shock pockets. I moved the location of the shock pockets to lower the rear 1.75 inches for the short and wide look (kinda like me).

When I finished the seat rested on the factory rubber buttons on top of the seat frame. This look both myself and the supervisor are more pleased with.

Because I lowered the rear I also needed to lower the front the same amount to keep the correct geometry and look. So some shiny new parts were ordered. I am really trying to build everything I can on this, but for $120.00 the San Jose triple clamp was well worth the money spent. Besides a machinist I am not

Next up.... exhaust

To be continued
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