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I have had 2 long over due reviews. One for the powershell and the other for the navigator jacket.

Ill start with the powershell. I bought this used from a member here earlier in the year. It was a very nice color option of black with high vis accents. I really think ghazi should consider this color combo as one of the regular suits. Ill post pictures of it later.

It was a size large, and fit was great everywhere except the legs. Legs where to short and the knee armor ended up on my thigh. I have a sv650 with adjustable rear sets on the lowest and furthest back position. So even though the rear sets wherent set up very aggressive it still was a problem and i was plenty within the size range for the suit. On my girl friends sv with very aggressive rear sets, the armor didnt even touch my knee it was so far up my leg. But other then this the suit fit very well. It has high quality materials and stretch panels everywhere making it very comfortable, great armor and stitching was very good as well.

Another negative appears in the size of the adjusters. The adjusters on both the forearms and the waist are useless. They are way to long. If you stretch out the arm fabric all the way you can only then have the adjuster in at the right spot. The waist is no better as the fabric doesnt start to pull until you run out of velcro area. The waist was something i could deal with but the arms where a pain. I ended up selling this suit mainly because of the leg length issues. If it wasnt for that i would of kept it as even with the negatives it really is a great suit. Just wish the little issues could be fixed. I dont know how the velcro straps have not been fixed yet. I do not see how they can be useful to anyone being as long as they are.

Now when ghazi had the close outs on the navigator i pulled the trigger on a jacket. In every single picture on the website the jacket had the snaps for adjustments on the arms. I figured this alleviates my main problem i had with the upper part of the powershell so i pulled the trigger on a jacket on the last day of the sale. Now again, the jacket has top quality materials and is very well put together. It also is very attractive in my opinion.

The problem was the jacket i received did not have the snaps for adjustment but the same terrible velcro adjusters on the arms. The adjuster on the waist was as useless as the 1 piece but again its something i can deal with. The arm adjuster on the other hand was not. I told ghazi about this and he said they couldnt fix it and that all sales are final. My argument was it was a misrepresentation of the product as no where does he state the sleeves now have velcro adjusters. Instead in about 50 pictures all you see are the snaps. I eventually after many emails got him to agree to possibly pay for half the cost of getting the velcro straps shortened (It would depend on the cost he said). I ended up finding a friend who knew someone who could do it for me and did so for a great price so i didnt even bother going back to ghazi for half of the money as i was upset with the way he handled the situation and just didnt want to deal with it anymore.

I was going to place an order for a revolution suit for the girl friend for xmas but ended up changing my mind after the customer service problem. I was also thinking about getting a custom made powershell as i loved the one i had if not for the leg length. Not sure if i eventually will order one or not, but it would have to correct all the bad on the next version for me to do so. Fix the velcro issue on the arms and waist, and lengthen the legs a bit. Also i think a charge of 250 to maybe alter one thing is a bit much. Should charge per alteration the way aerostich does. Should also use heavier duty zippers on the pits and arms like the stich has so that you can actually open and close the vents with the suit on and not have to struggle to get the zippers closed. And ghazi's suit does blow the stich out of the water when it comes to comfort. That i cant argue. Just wish he would have better customer service and update the website with what is really on the suit.
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