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I think the importance of seam strength and armor coverage couldn't be stressed enough.

If the seams don't hold, this discussion is moot.

I know you're using SasTec now, which clearly tests well, but its pathetically small. The suit would have to be very snug, or have some serious adjustment to locate the armor correctly. Of all the suits I've seen with small armor from Revit (sastec), first gear & klim(d30), none seem to have a handle on this. More armor coverage would help in this regard. I for one, would pay more for something like T-pro that is physically larger, yet just as comfortable and protective. Unlike T-pro, SasTec also stays rock hard in the cold, which is a deal killer for me. Manufacturers like to claim that your body heat softens it up, but I've never found that to be true since it lives on the outside of the insulation. How is body heat making it through the stuff that is keeping you warm to soften it up
That is probably my biggest issue with gear makers, I don't care if you use armor that is so amazing it will save me if i hit a brick wall at 200mph because it seems like 90 percent of the jackets\pants I have ever tried on (including 1piece leathers) I do not like how the armor sits..perhaps I am just a snob from playing contact sports my entire life where repeated falls\hits are going to happen and I understand how "decent placement" is not exactly good enough when you need it.

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