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Originally Posted by CreatureCore View Post
the customer service problem.
i apologize if u feel treated unfairly - please dont consider it a defense but rather simply an explanation of my situation.

we are continuously updating our products - in almost every batch - to ensure you get the best based on the latest feedback. for this reason, we state on our website that the product may vary slightly from the pictures. a company our size can not do complete photo shoots over n over again.

We moved to strap adjusters due to some issues but based on complaints - like from you - we have switched back to snaps for the arms. for the last few batches, all the suits are using snaps.

please try to understand that you bought a jacket at almost half price ... closeout are tough to deal with and require stricter policies.. if you want to send me the bill, i will be glad to reimburse you for the charges. For future purposes, if there is any confusion or concern, a quick call or email can provide a lot of clarity

as for sizing. Our sizes have been developed after a lot of research. However, this does not mean that one size will fit every body perfectly. Two people of the same height and weight may require totally different sizes. Some of us have our height in our torso, while some of us have our height in our legs.

this is why we have custom sizing - bringing us to your next concern - custom size pricing. first off, aero does not offer full custom sizing but rather certain alterations. for this reason, they can charge per change.

On the other hand, we make a brand new pattern for you - even if you require one change. this ensures a better fit. for example, if you increase the leg length by 1 inch, you need to adjust the entire leg to ensure the armor positioning is adjusted accordingly. do you think simply increasing the amount of fabric below your current size will fix your issue ? no right - we need to the move the armor down, we need to make sure the ankle fits correct, we need to ensure a ton of other things that one may never think about.

if you change even one minor thing, that means the suit can not be processed on a regular production line and we need to ensure that it is made differently from everything else. there is a lot of effort required for this. Considering all this, our charges are minimal compared to what you would pay for such custom sizing. Additionally, the base price is much lower anyway.

i really appreciate the positive comments and am glad that you find the gear to be comfortable. hopefully this will help differentiate our closeout rules from a general impression of our customer service (which is what we always pride ourselves for)

looking forward to some pictures.

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