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Originally Posted by Martynho View Post

Fitted the ECU and installed the 07 990S personality module plus of course the 07S fuel map
Didnt you mean 08 ? 07 computers are different arent they?

I am looking to buy a 2011 model but am worried about the immobilizer also. I emailed Tune ecu about turning it off inside the ecu but got a very negative reply. If I'm going to steal a 990 the last thing thats going to stop me is an immobilizer!

I did find a guy who programs keys for bikes and understands the systems. He seems confident that it can be fooled or bypassed but wanted me to send him a picture of the immobilizer to see what color wires came out of it. He knew the brand of the system. Given that I havent bought the bike yet, can someone take a close-up pic of the immobilizer unit please. I believe its under the glovebox.

Given that the ecu for 08 -12 are the same it should be possible to reload the original late model computer with the 08 info without buying new ecu.

With enough heads I'm sure we'll eventually get a satisfactory fix for this piece of stupidity. Its a shame Tune ecu wont look at this.
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