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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post

Thought you might like that one mum...

The "trash talking" amongst competitors before a big race is one of the most fun parts of any rally

Though they would never make such a comment publically (consumate proffessionals they are and all), but amongst freindly rivals I could well imagine Cyril or Marc making such a light hearted jibe to one of the other riders... especially one of the "young guns".

All in good fun... c'mon january!
You are SO funny Troy!! Love coming on ADV to see what the latest comments are especially when passing the time of day when I should be working

I can't wait for January, half of me is super excited to see how it pans out with such a strong field this year and the other half of me is scared stiff

I really hope Sam plays it cool and just concentrates on staying safe and reaching that finish line and keep reinforcing this opinion on him, not that he takes any notice of me I am sure I am sure he will give 100% and do his best as he always has done and fingers crossed lady luck is on his side as everyone needs a bit of luck to finish the Dakar no matter how good or experienced they are

Like you said, c'mon January, can't wait
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