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Colones (CRC) to US Dollaes (USD)

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just as an FYI when you get further south in costa rica, most places take dollars as well and give a 490 to 1 exchange rate (offical is 500) they will come at you with a calculator, be 100% with the calculation, guys in gas stations have been known to rip people off with quick fingers...if in doubt ask to use the calculator and do it yourself, if you have a garmin 660 there is one on the unit
When you get to Costa Rica, here's a quick way to convert from CRC to USD: drop the 1000's and multiply by 2. For example: 56,500.00 CRC = 57 * 2 = $114.00. Assuming that the exchange rate is still around 500 to 1 as it has been for several years now, this will give you a ballpark figure very quickly.

Another quick note regarding border crossings: I did the Costa Rica / Nicaragua crossing last weekend near El Sapoa, and thought it wasn't too bad in terms of CA borders. A few guys in the group went around the lake via NIC25 did the (small) ferry in San Carlos, and crossed to CR near Los Chiles. Just saying it might be an option too if you're up for the less traveled road.

Ride safe, and don't hesitate to PM me if you need anything when you get to Costa Rica.
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