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Originally Posted by AtlantaViking View Post
A couple of weeks ago, my rear wheel locked up doing about 30mph on a forest service road. I initially thought i slipped my boot off the peg and grabbed a whole lotta rear brake. I quickly realized that wasn't the issue as the bike ground to a halt. That really would have made for an interesting turn events if had happened in a sweeper on slab - but anyway...turns out my chain guide that mounts under the swing arm gave up and sacrificed itself into my rear sprocket.

I likely threw a rock and cracked it but I have to say after that experience I really dislike the plastic design so here's my question: Has any fabbed or used something other than the factory oem piece? I'm riding without one now - but I really should have something back there...

Thanks for any info...
When I bought my DR350, someone had already installed a chain guide from Fredette Racing Products. I replaced some parts on it after I got it and was pleased to learn that replacement parts were readily available from Fredette. I don't have experience with anything else, but I've been very happy the chain guide as it has given me no issues whatsoever.


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