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I Loved you videos but there are some questions on my noob head:

Where do you carry the medical kit? I carry my kit on the back of my bike, it is almost too cumbersome to have on my person but if I was wearing my backpack/camelback I could carry it in there. As you stated below you could be displaced from your bike and may have to rely upon your own efforts or a riding partner to get to it. I have been injured in quite a few crashes and have had to drag my self back to civilization. This is not fool proof sorry. I do carry one large and med ace bandage in a pocket on me though. With these I can splint a bone or sprang and hopefully make it to the bike.

If you caring it with you, may probably cause morve injuries ou inutilize it in a crash cenario. Good point but if you carry soft stuff in a pocket, for immediate aid such as an ace wrap that will most likely not cause harm.

On the bike, may probably get dozens of meters away from you making almost impossible getting to it if there is any hard injury on the lower members or on any other place that limits your movements or erect walk.

It is wise to substitute Betadine with some other form, like Bepanthene Plus? You can utilize any form of topical antimicrobial that you desire, the rule of thumb for betadine and alcohol is that they must actually dry to get the antimicrobial effects.

Thank you in advance,
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