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Regarding the cases I have spoken with our resident Loctite rep, Dirty_Sanchez, and he gave me some good advice that was a lot less painful than splitting cases. I'll report back on the results but I think at this point I'm good with the repair. I have also heard from others now that the neutral to 2nd shifting I am trying to attempt is impossible just sitting there. Well, I was spinning the CS sprocket while I was trying to shift and it wasn't working? Maybe I just need to ride it. I guess no 2nd gear clutch dump drag races are happening...

Got to work on some machining. The plan for attaching the KTM swingarm is as follows. Machine down the rear axle from 20mm to 17mm, and rethread for an M16 1.5 nut. Did most of that last night. Wow, that axle was harder n'a woodpeckers tooth. Finally got it down and it looks good. The stock swingarm bolt was chromed and the last time I tried to turn a chrome shaft I ruin a lot of lathe bits Plus the axle was just a little longer so more to grab on the lathe.

You can see in the pic that the swingarm doesn't go all the way to the frame on both sides. the plan is to make some standoffs that are ~25mm OD, 17mm ID (for the axle) and necked down on the frame sides to 20mm so that they can passthrough the frame and locate the axle concentrically. I will press and weld these in place once I get dimensions finalized. I used spacers on the FZ1 and CBR builds but both those builds had the same diameter swingarm pivot so it was much easier. I also will machine up a aluminum tube to go in the middle of the swingarm so that the bearings don't walk out.

Got started on the custom stem. Bought a 1' chuck of 1.5" 6061 aluminum from mcmaster. It JUST fit in the headstock of my lathe

The idea is to keep the Ninja bearings stock. I bought new tapered roller bearings which have not yet come in. I machined the stem to accept the 35mm ID bearings, it necks to 30mm to press into the lower KTM (or Emig) triple. The top section I haven't finished on the lathe because I want the bearings in hand before I finalize things. Too much potential to cut it short. It's really beefy. the stock KTM stem is hollow with a 13mm bore or about 1/2" I thought about boring it out which would take a minute but I don't think there is much savings in weight for that little bit so I'm leaving it solid. Still weighs less than the Ninja one.

I did turn the top diameter to just under 28mm for the KTM top triple to slide over. It's way long obviously. It then needs to get drilled and tapped for an M20 1.5 bolt. I thought I had about 4 of those aluminum steering stem KTM bolts laying around but I can't find one.

Motor is really clean inside, I have no idea why I took the stator cover off, I think I was actually thinking it was the transmission cover and I wanted to peek inside. That's what you get for not reading the manual first

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