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Benadryl or diphenhydramine will help for an allergic reaction but they are not that efficacious for an anaphylactic reaction. I carry epi because I am allergic to bees and am not sure how far away I am from a full on reaction. Epi in autoinjectors lasts quite a bit longer than they state on the packaging. Actually almost every single medication lasts a lot longer than the "expiration". There are a few solutions that do not but those aren't relative here, now how do I know this? Well the military stock piles a boat load of meds and if everything was going bad every one to two to three years we would be burning money at an astronomical rate. But low and behold expirations make people spend more money because they do not know that many things last past that date. I will say that unless you are taking epi to 140+'F or below 0'F it will do its job within a two year window.
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