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Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post are going soft my friend! I predict that you will create another fine monster, only to realise it is kind of boring.
What you want, what you really really want, is to convert a 1000cc SS machine. Think of FZ1 only 50lbs lighter
I am soft man I like different bikes for different reasons. The FZ1 is fast, but the CBR is quicker. Much much quicker.

Every single bike I have is fast. My Husky TXC511 is stupid fast, the FZ1, CBR. I kinda want a poke around bike. Something that is very reliable, nice soft hit to the motor but that can still get good MPG and pulll highway speeds when I want. This motor seems to have all of that. And it's fuel injected.

Remember this bike will be running full dirt bike spec 300mm travel suspension. That's more than a Super Enduro, 990 etc. And it will be lighter than either of those bikes. Lightness really counts. You would be amazed at the difference when you can get a bike down to 350ish pounds that has a lot of power the ration makes for a lot of fun. I def won't be able to get the Ninja down to CBR levels but I think I can probably get with 25 lbs. Well under 400# though

Get your ass over here and I'll take you on a Frankenbike adventure ride
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