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Originally Posted by Captmilk View Post
I need to buy 2 petcock rebuild kits if anyone knows a good place to get them 72 r90/6

Flea market is generally for buying and selling used parts. Or at least parts from one member to another. You need some new parts from either a dealer or the many people that sell parts to us. Not everything in the petcocks is available but you can buy the O-ring, the bottom washer w/ the four holes and the filter screen w/ the new integral washer. Those little metal disks and the handle are NLA but all you usually need is the rubber pieces. If you need more it is time to buy a complete petcock, they are available.

Here's the web pages from Hucky's. Call him on the phone because you are going to have to send him a check, he doesn't take credit cards. His name is Hans. He'll help get you started. You might make a list of what else you need because the shipping is a factor so ordering larger lots instead of small lots makes sense.
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