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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
What do you need to know from a dealer's website other than contact info?

The Manufacturer's website is where you go for up to date product info.
I don't go to the manufacturers website for model info. I come here.

I feel different about the website. I want to see decent website where I can peruse their stock of new and used bikes. I also want to know what accessories they may carry, even if it's just a picture or two of their store. They have a decent picture gallery of what looks like NOS. Their Gazetta link is broke and that would be the place I would expect to see open house info, or "Stop by for coffee on Saturday when you're in town for the Cycle World show in February" info. Contacts page should have a pic of the outside of the shop at minimum so out of towners know what they are looking for.

I am 156 miles from them. I can't just pop down and look around and see the bikes. It's a day trip for me. If I'm looking to buy a brand new model (Cal 1400), I want the warm and fuzzies up front so I feel good about my very expensive purchase. First year model worries do cause me concern. The website does factor into the decision making process for me.

Now, Jim at Ned's in Riverside, Iowa doesn't even have a website. I think he finally gave up on Guzzi. I would have gone to him as my dealer. He was great with me whan I had my 03 LeMans. Times change though.
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