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Originally Posted by selaznog View Post
I don't claim to know the quality of CO MMJ vs. CO black market MJ, but I've got to believe a cartel with years of experience and billions of dollars on the line will make a product superior to that of a green (pun intended) newcomer.

The terms cartel and black market should not be used interchangeably. Yeah, the cartels are a part of the black market, but they're far from equals in terms of just about everything. Black market would include local grows which are simply underground and pertain only to pot. Cartels, while black markets, are well-organized criminals who will peddle anything profitable.

The quality of cartel weed is, well, about as bad as it gets. Maybe worse. Black market weed (which most of it is) can vary wildly from FIRE to ditch weed. That said, you have to try pretty damn hard to find something on the black market close to the quality of good MMJ. If you get that lucky, you'll pay a premium for it...most people will anyway. Some get lucky and just know 'that guy'. But even then, you don't get to march in anytime during business hours and shop amongst 50 different strains and a dizzying array of edibles, drinks, tinctures, etc. And if you choose your shop wisely, you even get lab-tested grass. You won't even find that level of scrutiny at the health food store.

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