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Originally Posted by dljocky View Post
Good day all,
I just got my DR back from the local shop, they replaced the steering bearings. I try to go over and check nuts/bolts when they do work on my bike. The pinch nuts were super tight along with the axle bolt. I'm talking WAY tighter than spec. Steering feels a little stiff, but it could be from the new bearings? When up on the center stand, steering seems smooth. Any tips or tricks that might help me have some confidence that the bearings were installed correctly?
Also, I'm pretty much done with that shop.

Also, would anyone happen to know what size the nut is on top of the triple tree is?
Do you mean the pinch bolts on the fork tubes ... or the 4 pinch bolts at the front axle plate? NEITHER should be over torqued.

The Axle pinch bolts WILL SNAP OFF if over torqued. Lots of examples here. The Axle itself uses a high torque value ... not sure what it is but it's very tight. But NOT the 4 little clamp nuts ... be careful with those.

The Fork tube Pinch bolts on Upper and Lower triple clamps also should NOT be super tight? Why? Over tightening will Squash the delicate Alu fork tubes ... and ruin them. Follow Suzuki's torque numbers.

The Top Nut is 1 1/4" ... forgot MM equivalent. (inch and a quarter)

To test if steering head bearing tension are properly adjusted ... raise front of bike UP until front tire is clear. Try to keep bike more or less level.
Steering should go full left to full right easily and freely with NO drag.
You can also grab front wheel and pull on it and try to feel for any slack.

If steering is dragging, then Top Nut must come off and the adjuster below that needs to be carefully adjusted. Make sure the order of washers and adjuster nuts are all in correct order. Don't mix them up. You could also raise steering stem UP and check your shop put in enough grease. Don't over grease or over pack these bearings.

Good luck!
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