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Originally Posted by bajaboundmoto View Post
By the way... Rudy absolutely a top notch guy, former bike racer, super experienced, and I'd say would be super gentle in the truck around bikers. The other driver Mark is a good guy but I do not know his moto background if any.

And being buddies with many car/truck racers, hearing stories, and having ridden in a TT I gotta say it's not all on the drivers shoulders to keep the bikers safe. What some bikers do in front of race cars is absolutly crazy insane. Bikers will try to keep the truck behind them, they'll jackrabbit the truck, they'll do stupid shit like wear headphones for music or ear plugs when racing and don't have a clue, and they'll pull back onto the course after getting passed when it's still dusty without getting a real good look at what's coming from miles OR YARDS back.
Not trying to start a debate, that debate was a few years ago post Baja 500...

I couldn't agree with you more about "What some bikers do in front of race cars is absolutly crazy insane" but I think the issue he had was with one truck in particular and I will tell you Matt is one hell of a rider and knows what these trucks are capable of, so I doubt very highly he was trying to out run or play jackrabbit with the truck. Very poor judgment on someones part driving the truck is all I think was trying to be conveyed. But thanks for the tutorial on what moto guys are capable of Not trying to start a argument, just sayin is all.
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