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Originally Posted by bigtodd View Post
Ha-ha Ross, riding a snow plow is a great description of the GS's sand handling with the stock 19" wheel. Although I have seen some great riders like Jimmy Lewis ride it like it was the easiest thing in the world but, like I said, GREAT riders.

If you thought the sand was bad from Baker to where I passed you, you wouldn't have believed what we rode through in the canyons outside of Barstow ...

I picked up the wheel from another inmate here, it is a HP-2 wheel (tubeless) laced to a GS hub. On day 2 about 2 hours out of Barstow I cut the sidewall of the front tire and got an instant flat. Pulled an emergency tube from a buddy, popped it in and kept right on going..

As for suspension, I am using the Wilbers WESA set up that integrates into the ESA system. The ride height for sure changes with the ESA set on the offroad settings.

Planning to go to Alt Rider Taste of Dakar again, last year was a lot of fun ... those guys know how to build a campfire.
Thanks for the info Todd it helps a lot. This was my first big ride in sand...and my last without a 21" wheel. The event committee told us to start in Baker as the first section was only for small Dual must be a great rider as well. Actually where you passed me was some of the easiest riding on the whole was all the sand before that that wiped me out.

I just attended the Jimmy Lewis school in early November and it was awesome. He actually let me try his GSA with the 21/18 combo. I'm no expert but if I was to compare it to felt like a Cadillac vs a Kia.

Looks like another 21" customer heading your way Woody.

See you in Pahrump Todd...
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