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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
So that TT thread constituted BOLT "getting his ass handed to him" to you guys? That was sad. You TT guys actually resorted to calling each other "retards". Really, retards? That's the best you could come up with?
Originally Posted by Chillum View Post
"i like that idea! live fire training and bombing range. no drugs coming through anymore!"

You mean drugs like caffeine, sugar, oxycontin, alcohol, tobacco, and all those nasty drugs that help kill you?

Jeff is entitled to his opinion, as you yours, I didn't read anything that was bad.
I'm all for them not taking our riding area's, BUT i'm not for somebody who is glad that another human died doing his job. Wake up FF's thats why he named it "Bad Karma" so if you don't agree then
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