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Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
Well I'm glad SOMEONE appreciates me. Even if you did add the mocking smiley face. I usually just shut up, as judged by the join date and odd o meter. Happy 100!!!

When setting up a bike during PDI you can select things like tire pressure displayed in Bars or PSI, C or F temp, miles or kms BC, alarm tone options etc. You can also select "retrofit" options like if the customer wants to add an OEM alarm, RDC, and fancy LED's. The ZFE just wants to please you but if you don't tell it what you're doing then it's just going to cry "Wolf". It's sooooo misunderstood. Luckily MOSS has a therapy for that.

Just bring coffee next time you're at the Dealers and ask nice. As a separate item they'd likely charge but if it's in for service or you just spent a pile on factory farkles then go for the free thing.
Can this be done with a GS-911 tool?
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