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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
Makes sense. My bike needed its checkup so it was logical to do it now, and my wife's 650 had just had its 80K checkup a couple of months ago, but we got a break on the valve check price so it made sense to do hers now too.

But if either of our bikes had still been in use (ie no snow on the ground) we probably would have waited.
Having just checked mine, it will be 2 years before I'm back in there. I'm going to leave them be. The collective of 800 motors have bajillions of miles on them at the old specs, and we've all been riding around blissfully unaware of the change. Hell, the specs could change again before I open it up again!

I will admit that its a little creepy riding it knowing they hhave changed. If they would just tell us why.....
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