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Originally Posted by Lurky-Loo View Post
This is why countersteering is a time-tested and reliable thread-hijack. Someone says "try it", making it sound like it's something you have to consciously and deliberately do, and then the definition changes to mean it's simply what you do to keep a two-wheeled vehicle balanced, the latter definition I agree with.

No, it's not something you "consciously and deliberately do" most of the time. Certainly not at legal road speeds. However, if you do it "consciously and deliberately" you will see that it does exactly what you would expect it to do, and promptly.

At very high track speed (and with clip-ons, as opposed to bars) it does take a considerable effort to turn a bike. Not something you wouldn't notice.

Is it "simply what you do to keep a two-wheeled vehicle balanced" ? No. It's actually the opposite. You countersteer to UN-balance a motorcycle.

Geeze... are we really debating the reality of COUNTERSTEERING in the MotoGP thread? Harley thread opens tomorrow. Have fun.
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