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yes, the stator runs in oil.

are you 100% sure, there is no spark ? places to check:

1. the sparkplug plug/cap. there is a resistor and contacts in there. moisture can wreck havoc in there.
2. ignition coil (especiall if moisture got in there)
3. stator (check the resistance for the ignition coil)
4. pickup coil (measure resistance for that)
5. CDI (last resort, there is really no easy "test", eliminate other causes first)

also, "cracked sparkplug" has bitten me on several occasions after I couldn't find a fault should really be the first check, i.e.

0. replace sparkplug

most often, however, they won't start after standing for a while, because old gas will gum up the carburetor and
it needs to be cleaned.


Originally Posted by crobox View Post
Hello- This is my first post on this forum, although I've been using forums for years to help me through many other vehicle projects.

I had XL bikes (250s and 600s) when I was in my teens and twenties, and now in my early 40s I find myself with another 1986 XL600R! (It's kind of a beater.... 28,000 miles) I rode it a few times about 2 years ago, and it ran fine and was lots of fun. But the last time I tried starting it, which was about 2 months ago... no go

I figured out it had no spark, and somewhere in that process I opened the little sight plug on the stator cover (left case cover) as well as the center plug on that same cover to find TDC, and I was quite surprised to see oil in there. I was sure that area would be dry and free from oil. I figured an oil seal must have given up, and that must be the cause of the no-spark condition.

So yesterday I pulled the engine from the bike (I totally remember doing that multiple times in my 20s... so easy!!) and pulled the stator cover off to see if I could get a better idea of the problem, and to my surprise there are at least three holes connecting this area with the gearbox, so oil is apparently free to flow into the stator area.

Is this right? Is the rotor/stator area also supposed to be semi-filled with engine oil?

And if this is the case, then where do you good XL600 folks suggest I start looking for the cause of the no-spark condition?

While the engine is out, I suppose I will start tearing down the head a little so see how bad things look in there. I sorta want to do as little as possible to just get the bike rideable again, (spend as little $$ as possible) but I guess I will do what I gotta do.

(As a side note, I am very familiar with the "read the forum before asking your question, noobie!" attitude which I think is justifiably applied to new members' posts on these forums... To be honest I am blown away by the sheer volume of posts in this thread, and don't have the time right now to wade through it all. So, any insight about my situation is appreciated, and if you just want to point me to relevant prior posts, that sounds good too)

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