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Originally Posted by waz View Post
Howdy all;

I learned to ride in the dirt many moons ago, but have been riding street bikes exclusively for almost 40 years. Lately, I've got a hankering to get a dual sport to do some off-road exploring.

I've come across 2 prospects on CL: a 1999 DR350 w/ 1500 miles for $2500 (firm) and a 2001 DR-Z400E w/ 4500 miles for $2000.

I've gone to look at & ride the 350, but not the 400 yet. The 350 was in great shape and ran good, but since the 13 year-old original tires are still on the bike, I'd have to get a set of tires for it, and the valves have never been checked. I think the price is about $500 too high, but the owner won't budge.

I don't know what kind of shape the 400 is in, because I'm going to look at it the day after Thanksgiving, but the owner says it's excellent, and the water pump was replaced this past summer. It has Perrelli 70/30 street tires on it, but since I'm planning on doing some serious dirt riding, I would want to get some knobbies.

I thought the DR might be a better pick because it's air-cooled and lighter, but the DR-Z is 2 years newer and at least $500 cheaper (I'm hoping the owner will sell it for $1700, but I'll offer $1500 when I ride it Friday).

This being a 400 thread, I'm sure you're biased; but which one would you choose and why?.(I'm gonna put this on the DR350 thread and get their opinions too)

BTW, what's the difference between an E and an S model?
Go with the DR. 6 speed and better low end power. It will wheeze more on the street, but will get you there just fine.
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