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It's not the first time somebody has complained. This seems to be a major sticking point with this endeavor of yours. I have been waiting a couple of months as well. I don't think anybody is asking you to be "manly" they just want an idea. Preferably up front. I think you guys might really have something here but at this pace it's a dud.

Have you considered outsourcing production? It's winter time and there's lots of smart folks on this board who probably wouldn't mind a little bench work. Perhaps have somebody make batches, send to you for QA, then you send out. Payment upon successful QA pass. There's one solution for you.

I honestly think with a little production help, some strategic marketing, and a small investment you guys might have something with this. Even at a zero profit some help would free you to complete the design work on the rest of the product line while keeping a customer base and your name out there.

Just trying to be constructive. I'm not throwing stones either: I own a small business servicing and installing generators and the like. I know how hard it is to find good help and what it's like to start from scratch. Good luck and hope to see my product this year.
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