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Got up at 7:30 and started getting organised to go this morning, Keszthely was only 300k's to the north east and up the highway in this warmish weather it was always going to be ok and so it proved to be. I rugged right up with most of my warm gear just in case and was warm as toast, it was great, in saying that the weather in the next few days will be alot cooler I have no doubt. The front is heading this way so ill move back down underneath it and come up behind it into clear skies over Bled on Monday and Tuesday ok its a 700k ride to miss a cold front but meh im not doing anything else and ill get to see some new shit why im at it.

Russell and Karen headed off into the distance to their bis to Bled and the snow and cooler weather, what a great couple, I had a really nice time meeting up with them its always great when you meet good people.

Im jsut thinking about my little side trip hopefully I dont have to dive to far south to miss the cold front and also that the blizzard doesent come a day early or ill be fooked ahahahah then again it would be great to ride in a blizzard I have to say it has crossed my mind to stay and ride back in it, I know ill be dispointed I didnt when I head south again to go around it, look if I had knobbie tyres on my bike I would for sure but with the Michelen tourances on im a no hope to ride in a blizzard, who knows I might get my chance somewhere else in the world I am crossing Siberia and Alaska and Canada and goign to South America with luck so maybe ill have to meander out in a snow storm there sometime.

As im blogging this im starting to think maybe I should stay and ride back the 300k's in minus 6 mmmmm tempting, hey fuck you, shut up stop putting ideas in his head you little weirdo, dont you hate that little evil man that sits on your shoulder telling you to do crazy stuff, well its not really crazy but it would be a tough day for sure, 300 k's in a blizzard could be fun, but common sense should prevail ahahahaha it supposed to be 4 degrees tomorrow here so thats getting cold and then when I get back around to the back of the front it will be clear and a high of 2 so riding in that should test my mettle over the next few days rather than throwing a blizzard in there as well.

Arrived in Hungary you certainly know you have crossed the border Slovenia is like a mini Austria, hills lots of green grass with houses up on the hillside but its all in miniature of course, the green hills in Austria go right up into the clouds here they are only a few hundred feet high. The highways are great around here too so if you are just going to point A to point B its a breeze.

Arrived in Keszthely and found the hotel where im staying 30 euro a night really comfortable its certainly cheaper over here, having the gps maps makes it just so easy, I still think of Andrew the aussie guy that gave them to me back in Prague, I really dont know how I survived for so long with no maps no Gps it just makes it an absolute breeze. How I used to do it was id get on google maps the night beofre and just write all the villages I had to pass through so when you went through one you would head to the next one on the list, it always seemed to work plus I used to ride into town find a pub sit down and talk to someone and ask where is a good place to stop for the night.

In a way it makes it so much easier but you really do take out alot of people that you would have to interact with when you use them thats for sure. Maybe ill turn it off a few days and revert back to talking to people ahahahahaha yeah right buggalugs

Dumped my stuff in the room and headed off up into the main town to have a look at the palace castle whatever you want to call it, its pretty impressive but the sense i got was look at the rich dudes living in this joint and look at the riff raff down the road it still looks out of place nowadays let alone what it must of looked like when it was built. Had a walk around for awhile took a few pics then jumped on the bike to go for a ride around town and see if there was anything else to see around here. Started to get dark at 3:45 and then started to rain so headed from home arriving back there at just after 4:30 in the pitch black and raining.

Not a bad days riding rugged up and warm enough and still had a few things to put on which will definatly be going on tomorrow, hopefully it isnt snowing to bad as i try to g down under the front but if it does ill just make another left and head even further south I think if I went to Zagreb id go under it for sure but we will see.

Just occurred to me that this was a sign im not going to see every day

Ok smarty pants pronounce this town i just called it orgy, it fit I was in and out of it in 2 minutes

Keszthely Castle, Keszthely, Veszprem, Hungary.

I was walking around not even sure if it was open to the public there wasnt another soul around other than a few workers in the gardens

The main drag of Keszthely Hungary.

Just another nice building in Keszthely

Time to try out local Hungarian Cuisine

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