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Good day all,
I just got my DR back from the local shop, they replaced the steering bearings. I try to go over and check nuts/bolts when they do work on my bike. The pinch nuts were super tight along with the axle bolt. I'm talking WAY tighter than spec. Steering feels a little stiff, but it could be from the new bearings? When up on the center stand, steering seems smooth. Any tips or tricks that might help me have some confidence that the bearings were installed correctly?
Also, I'm pretty much done with that shop.

Also, would anyone happen to know what size the nut is on top of the triple tree is?
I remember doing it last year myself, just like Adv Grifter mentionned with getting that pinch nut adjsuted it should never be over tighten and how stiff ur steering can be is uppon rider's desire. What u should do if u have time is to drop ur front end where u can see both bearing and look inside the frame to see if they replace the base of bearings (rounded metal o-ring conic shape-or bearing sets) they suppose to go under both bearings (lower/upper). Some lazy mechanics tend to disregard replacing bearing sets which render the use of bearings meaningless. In this pix it's on the top right (sitting over da bearing). There is special press u can buy cheap from Harbor Freight to get them out.
I thing the top nut of 3tree is 32 or 34mm. Good luck.

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