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Originally Posted by pilot3 View Post
That's pretty funny. Maybe next batch I include another one of those stupid little tabs so you can just rip the other one out of there. Yeah it's a bugger, no doubt. And it doesn't help that the plug obscures the lower screw for the light.

Looks great!

Yeah, all that and I'm near sighted so the closer I'd get to have a look, the less I could see. Plus, I just couldn't get any leverage with my fingers. I wound up gently using a pliers to get it off the tab, it took maybe 3 or 4 tries to get it lined up enough to slide back on.

Before getting the connector off the tab, I got as many of the wires out of that compartment, routing them around some other things to keep them out of the way. This revealed the lower screw nicely. I used a standard allen wrench, which I could only get the screw turned a tiny bit, but 2 or 3 of those teeny maneuvers and it was hand loose.

It was fun. Have some Barkbusters & Oxford grips on the way, I hope the grips are as easy as this was.
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