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pricing for an 2004

Hi well today I say a xt225 for sale and deceided I need it to see it (at least) and ask a couple of questions. I live in Baja and this bike is not sell in Mexico, and as any one will tell, I want what I can't have!

So I got a price quote for $2,400 USD but it has Californian plates, so that means another 600-1000 so very expensive to have legally in the country (of course nobody care if I just slap my plate from my any other bike).

Here is my question specially for people from the USA from a state that has no real winter (San Diego, LA from California, Arizona?, Florida) How much would a XT225 sell for? I know it all depends on many conditions, but from a very fast left side view the bike said TOO EXPENSIVE! but an good maintained bike with average miles, how much?

And the second question, (for all) how long will the engine last? (assuming good care) This one had almost 50,000 miles! and I know this is not much for a GS1200 but this is a small engine, that was used in the US so maybe some hwy/interstate miles (at high speeds), So I think this was not care for very nicely, it had a bent level, bent front fender, that is all I saw WITHOUT TAKING MY HELMET OFF AND NO GLASSES, so I am sure if I look I will see more thing. THe sales man was a SALES person so he gave me all the crap, "perfect conditions" "care for by my son in law"

This model is in my list of bikes I will like to have, so I was a little big sad.

Thanks for your time

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