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Gas tank questions

Some things I think I know... some things I don't know if I know, you know?

I've got a CB 125 tank here that goes to a bike I've been picking away at. There's wear through the paint and a little rust inside. I could use some sage advice so I don't just stick it back on (in my haste to ride the damn thing).

Pics are at the bottom of the post for reference.

Question 1. There are several places where the paint has worn through to bare metal. As far as I know matching the metallic paint is impossible so I only see three options. Which is best?
  1. Shut up you ninny and just ride it. To hell with rust!
  2. Strip it and paint it. Maybe flat (ooooo, cool) or red (as it's fastest)
  3. Remove the rust, treat the metal and clear coat that sucker several times. And then go ride.

Question 2. There's a little rust forming in the tank. Nothing that's leaking (yet) but I don't trust it. I'm partial to option #3.
  1. Run what you brung. What's the worst that could happen?
  2. There's this stuff called Creme. It might work for awhile.
  3. Bolts and POR-15 for you!

What say you?

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