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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Howdy - I am interested in Klim gear because both my sons wear it top to bottom in their events. However, I'm not sure they make what I want.

I want one pant/jacket that is waterproof without add-on Gortex liners. I don't mind wearing separate armor. I ride all over the continent and have never escaped periods of serious weather. I use a heated jacket liner and can add a fleece layer if needed.

Also, I ride the deserts in summer. I use the same gear, and that is because I am just passing through.

I have a First Gear TPG pant/jacket combo out west. It is certainly waterproof, but a little heavy. However, it has some very nice venting capability that I use and appreciate in the deserts.

I also have an Acerbis Klima suit, which is my favorite. It is more of an enduro suit, and pretty much just a heavy duty waterproof shell. But it isn't very waterproof anymore after some ten years. I want to replace it.

Does Klima have something for me, or should I just go mainstream like First Gear?
I do not think you should look to Firstgear yet. I like FG stuff quite a bit. But frankly, even though Klim is a good chunk more expensive, it performs quite a bit better. Despite its cost, we feel dollar for dollar it is a better value.

I understand your explanation, and checked out your bikes in your profile. Based on these, I think either the ADV Rally, the Latitude, or the Traverse would work well. Obviously they are vastly different price points, but each has merit at its MSRP. The Traverse is an off road shell, basically your Acerbis but made in GoreTex. The Latitude is a nice, lightweight ADV suit, good for moderate dirt or moderate temps. The ADVR-2 is a full-on ADV suit, with armor, more abrasion resistance, features, etc etc.

The ADV Air, with the waterproof shell would work also.

The trickiest part is the fact that your riding envelope is very wide. It is possible to get gear that works broadly, but there is usually some compromise. I think I can give some more specific suggestions after a short phone conversation, if you want PM me your # and we can address this.


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