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Originally Posted by damasovi View Post
Hi well today I say a xt225 for sale and deceided I need it to see it (at least) and ask a couple of questions. I live in Baja and this bike is not sell in Mexico, and as any one will tell, I want what I can't have!

So I got a price quote for $2,400 USD but it has Californian plates, so that means another 600-1000 so very expensive to have legally in the country (of course nobody care if I just slap my plate from my any other bike).


And the second question, (for all) how long will the engine last? (assuming good care) This one had almost 50,000 miles!
Walk away from that salesman! You should be able to find a clean XT225 with less than 3000 miles for less than $2000. Easily. To compare, I bought mine (a 2003 model, with 1700 miles) for $1700 in Southern California two years ago. They last pretty well, but at 50,000 miles it's VERY used. Typically, a top end will be needed at the 18,000 to 20,000 mile range.
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