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Originally Posted by 6USMC6 View Post
Lagavullin is an excellent scotch. When you get finished wading through the Scottish Malts, you'll have to visit the Irish Malts. Truly the water of life.
Originally Posted by JaxObsessed View Post
Lagavullin is one of my buddies favorites... Tastes good, but smells like sweat socks. imho
Originally Posted by Todd34 View Post
I have a bottle of Lagavullin and it's good to go! My neighbor gave me a glass of a good one about a month ago but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was.
Scotch Smotch ..........the new metrosexual drink is single barrel Bourbon.

I had a taste at my brother-inlaws on Sunday. Good stuff so I picked up a bottle for my very very close friends.........that's you FF's

OBTW, "Life is too short to drink crappy alcohol"
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