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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
...I rode it a few times about 2 years ago, and it ran fine and was lots of fun...While the engine is out, I suppose I will start tearing down the head a little so see how bad things look in there. I sorta want to do as little as possible to just get the bike rideable again, (spend as little $$ as possible) but I guess I will do what I gotta do.
If the bike was running fine, I wouldn't go digging into the head. Not only will it cost extra for all the gaskets and stuff, but those head bolts are know to strip easily if they aren't torqued exactly correct (and sometimes even when they are). You could be opening up a can of worms. I've beat the heck out of my '83 for a decade or so, and never done anything but oil changes and valve adjustments.

If you do pull the head, you may as well plan on big bore kit, new timing chain and tensioner, and all the gaskets while you are in there. If you are going to open the can of worms, you may as well make it worth it.
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