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Party central at dawn

Bangla Road is a walking street from 6.00 PM to 6.00 AM, so the next part of my jaunt was on foot. About 250 metres long, it is Phuket’s Party Central from dusk to dawn. Within a 500 metre radius you can find everything from international class nightclubs where the Beautiful People hang out, to humble bars where beauty is often in the eyes of the beer-holder. Of an evening main drag is a mass of humanity, from honeymooners through party people to honey-hunters from all over.

Depending on the mood of the constabulary, bars close at 2.00 AM, but clubs and discos are usually allowed to open until about 4.30. By 5.30 it is just the stragglers left, but they are still being catered for by moto mounted kitchens.

Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles) for sale.

BBQ chicken an other morsels such as dried squid (yummy with a beer).

Beer on ice in a polystyrene box attracts post club honey. The girl leaning forward wanted her photo taken. I thought she had an interesting face, so I obliged, without realising I also caught rather unflattering view of her bosom until I downloaded the pictures.

I bought a beer for those who didn’t have one, and joined with them for a few minutes to be entertained by a Thai ladyboy having an argument with a drunken Westerner across the road.

At the seaside end of the road there were some “tuk tuks” (the local version of a taxi) waiting for fares. They use Japanese “kei” class utes, which are usually pimped out with fancy light and sound systems. The drivers are the bane of life for tourists and locals alike. Rude and expensive, they charge 3 - 400 baht ($US 10 - 13) for just a short trip. For half that you can rent a 110cc scoot for a whole day.

There are those like to end their night at the beach, before heading off to bed at dawn. I didn’t realise quite how many until I used iPhoto to enhance my photos.

When I returned to my motorcycle Kung played up to the camera. She stopped and we chatted for a few minutes. She had left her kid with her mother (common here) and come down from Bangkok to check out Patong a month ago. She looked at bargirl life, but reckoned it wasn’t for her, so took a job as a cleaner in a small hotel. She was heading to the beach before going to work.

An hour or so after my previous Soi San Sabai shot, it was now daylight, and I resumed my journey on two wheels.
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