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Hoske pipes or alternatives?

The Bike: R75/5

Anyone know what the Hoskes cost out the door if you procure in the states?

Anyone selling used?

Anyone suggest anything better?

Goals: New pipes (mine are rusting at the bottom, but not bad yet). Shorter than my Macs--the Mac's stick out a bit too far on the SWB. A little more pop and growl, but not obnoxious sounding. Not looking for ridiculously loud, but don't want them whisper quiet. Basically in the heavy sounding spectrum, but not a "wow you're a douche, dude."

Loitered around some threads and saw some votes for EPCO and Keihans. But really like this look/sound of Hoske, and understand the performance is improved -- but price is a consideration.

Incidentally, I thought you couldn't fit the chrome battery covers on the SWB R75/5 (referencing youtube video here)

... and here's my bike, because pictures add spice.

Nate in Sacramento

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