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Mazatlan was fun and a cool place to hang out. Especially since I donít usually like the touristy places and busy ones at that. It was just a chill big beach town. Spent the day walking the beach swimming and checking out the resorts. You can stay just across the street from the beach and then go hang out by the pool at any of the nice hotels. Nobody really seemed to mind. Beer was 2 for the price of one everywhere. So every time I wanted just A BEER, I got two. So an afternoon of that with beach time and checking out some NFL scores and the day was gone. Went to Joeís Oyster Bar that night for an app and more 2 for 1 beers and the place was hoping on a Sunday!

Good times in Maz. I could spend more time there. There is an odd scene though. There are brand new amazing resorts right next to huge abandon resorts. Hard for me to believe that it is all a function of economy when more resorts are being built. One guy told me a drug boss owned one (Balboa Resort) and got shot or went to jail. Not sure which with the language barrier. I also donít know if itís the truth or just what he believed. I walked around the abandon Balboa Resort and it was very creepy. Beds made and rooms ready to be checked into with doors ajar and smashed windows.

Stayed in a really inexpensive place my first night and nice people that operated it but I needed a better bed and more importantly better internet connection. Interesting idea for luke warm water!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And they have VIP parking

Neat car in Maz

Who it this ...

Tough to beat this

Maz Castle. Hotel I think

Pics dont show it but this entire property is abandon. Including tall building in the back ground.

More beach front contradiction

On the wall in the hallway of my first hotel. I dont know what to say but

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! I have ordered a print and can get a bulk discount for those of you interested!!

Off to San Blas tomorrow. Since it is not that long of a ride I decided to get creative with the route. This GS thing is made for off road right!!!
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