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Originally Posted by RubberSideUp View Post
Sounds like maybe a bad stator, but I am thinking you replaced it? Could be ignition coil I suppose?

As for the smoking, it may be valve stem seals, an/or valve guides going bad. An 85 XR6 I have smoked on startup all the time, and after running it really hard on a few day trip, it actually got a lot better (carbon buildup helped, maybe?). I recall reading to only use OEM seals, because other rubber from cheaper gasket sets doesn't hold up to the high heat from these engines.

Keep riding on!
Thanks for your input

I replaced the stator 6mnths ago, and looks like it sparks fine, so from what ive read i could rule out coil, cdi, and stator problems right?

Anyway since i couldn't find any joy on my own after trying everything i could, i bit the bullet and took it to a mechanic and he found that, my choke cable was sticking and letting in too much gas which was flooding it on start up, he said my valve adjustment was too tight, and he found out that it had lost compression

I didnt realise because ive been kickstarting with my left foot and i always use the decompression lever as soon as its at the TDC.
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