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I will be working, guess I will read about it in the funny papers. I was in the air about 20 minutes away when that explosion happened. If not for the haze and clouds I could of seen it. I heard one of our guys near by it make the first report. He saw it and said smoke went up 2,000 feet, and winds were stiff so that was a powerful explosion. Workers were a construction crew of underpaid, under trained, phillipinos. They work cheap, and you get what you pay for. 2 died, never found one. Cut into a 3 inch line still had oil in it with a torch. KABOOM! Was wild stuff. I volunteered to go over there, but they had enough choppers, and boats over there, they didn't let me go.

Have fun without me.

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its abt time we heard from you..wondered if you was envolved in that explosion down there..the get together we are trying to set up in the secret santa one..still in the planning long you home for cause this party will be DEC 16 be home then?
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