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New ADV route from Maz to San Blas

Knowing that Maz to San Blas was a short ride and that San Blas is a small melow town. I thought to myself what better way to spend the day than some solo off road research.

My idea was to head to the coast at Tecuala then hook left and connect to San Blas through Santa Cruz. Guji Roji says I can do it and BiCi maps isn't totally disagreeing. Off I go and I think that things are looking pretty good. I take a right off the highway and cruise for 30 min or so and there is my nice paved left turn. Oh I got this! After about 15 or 20 min the road starts to turn to dirt and broken pavement. This is exactly what I am looking for. I go through the last small town right when school is getting out. Kids and adults stare at me like what is the dude doing? And where does he think he is going? I know this look in any language because I have been getting it my entire life.

The road is now all dirt, not great and congested with cows. No pictures because I focused on not dropping my bike in the very soft sand and trying to see through the sweat pouring into my eyes!! I start to get pretty far out there and now I am questioning my decision making. Another common theme in my life. Two amigos in a beat up old pick come from the direction I am headed. Great I must be able to make it. But I will ask in my very weak Spanish to give these guys a god chuckle anyway. They say no bueno lots of other words and lots more other other words and no bueno again. Okay some more words and now the reason!! Canal with no bridge!! Know what the word for canal in Spanish is? Canal!!! I just increased my vocab! Had I looked at google maps I would have known this.

But a lesson learned another cool experience and helpful people out in the middle of no where. People seem very willing to help Loco Gringo on Grande Moto in a ridiculous amount of gear. Works for me.

Okay time to turn around. This is the one pic I took on my way back to the highway. It looks like San Blas but it is North on the same river.

By the time I get to San Blas I am pretty sure I have lost 20% off my body weight in sweat. Drank 4 liters of water and still was dying. Blow budget and go for super nice hotel with pool? Or...never mind the or that pool had my name all over it!!

Said Oasis!

San Blas Cathedral at night

One of my favorite pics of this trip so far

Since I went for the nice hotel I have a great internet connection and decide to lurk here on ADV rider in the Is Mexico Safe(aka your daily gossip column). I check to see if there are any big developments in the area I am in or going to next. Big discussion TVIP and 30 or 180 day stuff. Another rider only got a 30 day and didn't know until he got to the southern border of Mex. He lost his $400 deposit and hassle at the border. I think what a bummer and decide I will check my paper work. OH SHIT!!! I only have a 30 day TVIP and catch a plane form PV back to AK for my last 2 weeks of work in 4 days!!! My flight lands back in PV on the 30th and my TVIP expires on the 29th. My bike is pretty sweet but I haven't found the time travel button yet! I will call BMW tech support after I am done freaking out!!! Time to make a new plan!!
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