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Enabling maps on your GPSr for visibility in BaseCamp is only useful if you want to use those maps in BaseCamp. If you already have them installed on your computer, you probably do not want to waste time waiting for BaseCamp to read and index each redundant map every time you connect your device.
Drag and drop worked fine for the copying once I quit Basecamp which makes sense since the file was in use by it.

I did find out that it's better to use Javawa to make the Montana's internal maps visible in Basecamp than just loading them into Basecamp on their own. It only has to load them the first time, after that they are available without loading.
The big difference is that the maps are layered like they are in the unit but in Basecamp without the Montana they are standalone maps.....a topo of AR doesn't have the world map underneath it.

At least that's how it's working in the Mac version. YMMV.

Now on to learn about creating custom maps with terrain view!
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